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A Really Quick Derivation of The Cauchy-Riemann Equations

Here is a really quick derivation of the Cauchy-Riemann equations of complex analysis. Consider a function of a complex variable, , where , such that: , where and are real-valued functions. An analytic function is one that is expressible as a power series in . That is, . Then, . We formally differentiate this equation […]

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What are the factors behind Golden State’s and Cleveland’s Wins in The NBA Finals

As I write this, Cleveland just won the series 4-3. What was behind each team’s wins and losses in this series? First, Golden State: A correlation plot of their per game predictor variables versus the binary win/loss outcome is as follows:  The key information is in the last column of this matrix:  Evidently, the most […]

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The Mathematics of “Filling the Triangle”

I’ve been fascinated by the triangle offense for a long time. I think it is a beautiful way to play basketball, and the right way to play basketball, in the half-court, a “system-based” way to play. For those of you that are interested, I highly recommend Tex Winter’s classic book on the topic. There is […]

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Game 2 of CLE vs GSW Breakdown

As usual, here is the post-game breakdown of Game 2 of the NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State. Using my live-tracking app to track the relevant factors (as explained in previous posts) here are the live-captured time series: Computing the correlations between each time series above and the Golden State Warriors point difference, we […]

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Game 1 of CLE vs GSW Breakdown

Using my live tracking app combined with the relevant factors based on this previous work, here is my breakdown of what contributed to the Warriors win in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  First, here is the time series graph of several predictor variables:  Breaking this down a bit further, we have:  Computing the correlations, […]